Friday, September 4, 2015

PeePee TeePee's & Diaper Clutches!

Hey lovelies!!

It's starting to look a little bit like Fall out there, no? Sounds like it's almost time to start making pumpkins and snowmen! I already showed you how to make the snowmen, so please, SHOW ME! I would love love LOVE to see your creations!

On another note, I attended a baby shower last weekend for V's niece. And of course, I made everything! 2 burp cloths, a bib, 3 peepee teepees, and a diaper clutch! Not sure if everyone knows what a peepee teepee is... When you have a baby boy, word has it that when you change him, he pees everywhere, including all over you! So someone was a complete genius and made these little cone things that you place over his junk while you change him. The peepee teepee absorbs his pee and prevents danger from anyone in the "splash zone." Also known as WeeWee Wigwams, or Tinkle Tops!

Sure, you could buy these in the store. But they SO boring. No cute colors or designs. So I found a pattern online and started mass producing those suckers! I altered it a little bit, to my liking. But they are so easy to make, and they even come with a cute little poem when I give them out:

Changing a baby girl is not all glitz and glory.
Changing a baby boy is another horror story.
You hold his legs with one hand,
and a diaper with the other,
The whole time praying,
"Please don't pee on your mother!"

PeePee TeePee's are made with 1 layer of designed fabric, and 1 layer of terrycloth. For extra absorbency, you can include a layer or two of flannel in between the terrycloth and the cool design. I also like to sew in a ribbon loop at the top so that when you go to remove the pee-ridden ingenious invention, you don't have to touch the pee. Just throw it right in the washer!

I also made a diaper clutch for momma to hold a few diapers and a travel wipe container while she's out and about. No need to carry an entire diaper bag around with you! Plus daddy can feel a little better about carrying such things. The one pictured below is 98% finished, I didn't add the button before snapping a picture. (Sorry, got too excited!)

Do any of you make diaper clutches? I would love to see different styles, as I'm not really sure about the one above. Don't get me wrong, its adorable! I just think I would like to get a wider range on my options. 

Until next time...