Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Yarn Explosion and Reorganization

I once thought there was no such thing as "too much yarn." Holy crap, was I wrong!! LOL 
Before Mr. C and I moved into our current apartment, I had a very small area in which to "organize" my yarn collection. And by "organize," I really mean four trash bags stuffed full of mix-matching yarn in no order whatsoever. Yeah, that was fun...

So when we moved into our new place, I told him we needed to get something to make sense of all this yarn. Thank you Wal-Mart for Sterilite drawers! Flash forward 1 month, I had it all organized and things were working out wonderfully.  But then a problem started...and I'm sure any yarn-o-holic can relate. Mr. C and I go to Joann's and Michael's craft stores quite often, and for no apparent reason. "Ooh that yarn would be perfect for [insert project here]!" and " Oh, I LOVE this color!!" Sometimes you buy 1 skein, sometimes you buy more. Those drawers started getting a little cramped. Two sets of drawers (and a couple trash bags still!!) simply wasn't enough. 

So hubby bought me two more sets of drawers, so at this point I have 4. This worked pretty well for a while...but I seriously have a problem with buying yarn, lol. To top that off, I was getting FREE yarn from a family member. Yes, FREE! I was so excited, and therefore took all of it. ALL. OF.  IT. Not the best idea, looking back now...I still haven't used most of it, to be honest. (What the hell do you use velvety yarn for anyway??)

So obviously, there was still a problem. Here is a picture of my situation.

Listen, the yarn on the floor I can explain....It WAS in that black bag. But my cat decided that a big bag of yarn would be a super comfortable lounging spot. So he laid there and sprawled out and messed up the bag. I know, I know... But he was cute! If you look close, you can see two other overflowing bags of yarn in addition to the mess on the some yarn things on top of the drawers. Obviously, it's a hot mess.

Here is the culprit. His name is Oyster (or Monsieur Clam) and we believe he is a Norwegian Forest Cat. They are larger than Maine Coon Cats...this beast weighs about 25-30 pounds.

So this past weekend, I told Mr. C that I needed 2 more sets of drawers, totaling 6!! It's time to take control, my friends. Without further ado, here is the most current collection. They're even labeled!

We have:
2 Blue
2 Green
2 Pink
1 Purple
1 Orange
1 Yellow/Tan
1 Brown
2 Red
2 White
1 White Mixture
1 Black
1 Grey
1 Mixed Colors

So far, its been amazing. But who knows how long I will be able to keep this up, haha.

I know all you crafters out there have a yarn collection, and I want to see them!! Whether its messy or its organized, in bags or in drawers. I would love to see the different ways of organization!!


  1. At least Oyster only lays on the yarn.. and doesn't unravel it XD

    1. Hah, well actually he was kneading it and a lot came undone and got really tangled. So I threw away 8-10 skeins.

  2. Now you have an idea why I have so many containers and shelves of fabric, yarn, buttons, and other "collectibles". It is easy to fall into that trap when you see something and say "I have just the project for that" and somehow that project either never gets finished, or there was extra after the project was completed.

    1. Exactly! I feel like I should be on an episode of Hoarders sometimes, LOL!